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Long Prairie Rental House taken 12/19/2015

The photo to the left is our rental house as of December 19, 2015.

This December has been the warmest in memory, though 2011 was nearly as warm. Lake Beauty iced up very late this year, Nov. 28th. and a few weeks later it opened up again.

As of December 20th, it has been frozen. No warm-ups are predicted so this one should be for real.

We've had only little snow so far, 4" in November and 5 in December and no very cold days yet. Below are photos of the lake in recent weeks.

sundog dec 19 2015
lake dec 19 2015
White-throated Sparrow, Sept 29, 2015 The second half of the year was disappointing. We had very few ducks on the lake, and only had Trumpeter Swans on a few days. We can't blame the weather, since the lake iced up very late in November.

Pine Siskin 10/15/2015 We had our share of the duller colored birds, such as the Pine Siskin and Dark-eyed Junco, and we go 2 of the 3 Zonotrichia Sparrow.

There are always the common birds, this is one of the better photos I've taken of a Red-bellied Woodpecker. We often get the female but here is the male. Red-bellied Woodpecker Nov 9 2015

Until the lake iced-up we were seeing Bald Eagles regurlarly. Recently we've started seeing pheasants again. The snow hides the food so they hunt for scraps by the bird feeders. Pheasant 12/19/2015


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