Angry and Elusive Hummingbirds

By , August 19, 2011 10:44 pm

When we were in Randall, we managed to see Hummingbirds very often.  I took a lot of pictures and a few some were good enough to upload to our website.  In Randall we used to sit outside every evening and few the birds.  We had a fair view of the flower garden and the hummingbird feeder.   We were not always close, so our shots were cropped (and I had a simpler camera that wasn’t ideal for shooting birds). Still we had a lot of photos.

Where we live now, outside of Long Prairie, we haven’t had quite so much luck. For one thing, we don’t have much of a flower garden and that garden isn’t within easy view of the deck .

a closeup of a hummingbird

This picture is from Tuesday evening, August 17th. Not a great shot, bird the bird was close enough that we have a fairly decent image (it would be better if it was a bit brighter out, but this shot is made in the early evening). The male hummer is hard to get to pose, but the immature ones have started to visit us.

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