Common Redpolls

By , January 14, 2012 8:21 pm

Common Redpoll 1/13/12

Common Redpoll 1/13/12

Every January we await the arrival of the Common Redpoll. In Randall we saw them as early as December. Since we moved to the Long Prairie area last Summer this has only been our second winter. We saw them late in January 2011. This winter has been very warm so we didn’t expect them at all but the temperature dropped 20 degree from Wednesday to Thursday. So we saw our first Redpoll of the season on Friday morning. We must have had somewhere near 70 in our yard. Today the numbers were a bit smaller, only in the dozens. It is also possible to see the Hoary Redpoll here and they can look very similar at times, but I have looked at dozens of photos from last year (and we had large flocks later in Winter) and none of the photos betrayed any Hoary Redpolls that we had missed in our binoculars.

We still miss a few birds. I have been hearing something that sounds a bit like a Kingfisher, but I we not sure. We haven’t seen any Cardinals yet this Winter, but we know they are somewhere (we see them every Winter). Today I saw four birds that might be a Grouse or a Pheasant but didn’t get a close look. Below is a photo of todays picture of an American Tree Sparrow. Common but a favorite of ours.

American Tree Sparrow

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close- up

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  1. Shawnne says:

    I love seeing the Redpolls again. They are so cute, and fit right in with the Goldfinches. I was hoping when the temps dropped and we got a little bit of snow, they would arrive. The Tree Sparrows are also a treat to see. They remind me of the summer Chipping Sparrows, but are different in ways. I am now longing for the migratory birds to arrive in Spring, especially the Warblers!

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