Bobolinks and a slow June

By , June 27, 2012 12:50 pm

male Bobolink 6/22/12


June is almost over and while we have seen a lot of birds, migration season is over and there are few surprises. With all the trees being fully covered in leaves the birds that were so easy to spot in early May are now almost invisible. So, I have been hearing a Redstart but not seeing one. Some birds that are here every day Winter and early Spring are not coming to our feeders. So we aren’t seeing Blue Jays or Chickadees everyday. Even Goldfinch can be scarce. There are no more migrating birds. We had 45 birds show up in May but we only have had 3 birds make their first appearance in June: Pine Warbler, Bobolink and American White Pelican. The Pelican was a gift we were visiting friends in Buffalo, MN and saw a flock overhead.

For the first time in a few years we have seen a Bobolink. Last Friday we saw 2 or 3 on the fence on a local road (a road we pass everytime we go to Little Falls). Shawnne and I had discussed birds that we should see but do not. We live in a rural area and we should see Western Meadowlarks and Bobolinks on a regular basis. We last saw both birds in 2007 shortly before I left for Memphis, TN. We used to take drives in the early evening to see local birds and we need to start doing that again on a regular basis. In any event I have posted a photo of a male Bobolink taken on Friday 6/22/12.

Bobolink 6/22/12

Bobolink 6/22/12

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  1. Shawnne says:

    Seeing the Bobolinks this past week has been a real treat! We have to drive down the dirt road by the farm fields to see them, that’s OK! The hot weather is starting to settle in so I feel it’s going to be even harder to see birds. Today I closed up the house to keep the heat and humidity out. I have put up a feeder on the deck instead of refilling the big one down in the yard. The gray squirrels have really become pesky, eating all of the seed in the bigger yard feeder.

    I am now looking forward to Fall migration again.

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