Sometimes there really is no place like home.

By , July 8, 2012 1:27 pm

Dickcissel 7/2/12

Dickcissel 7/2/12

Gas prices are down but they are still 60 to 80 cents higher than in 2010. Summer weather is here and we don’t like taking long walks in the really hot weather. The state parks this time of year are crowded and noisy so we have been avoiding them. We have been taking short trips on local roads near our house and we have been surprised at how much good birding can be done in a short period within 5-10 miles of home. Just 2 days ago we saw a Black Tern only a few miles from home in a small secluded lake. This is not a rare bird, but you needs to be looking in the right habitat. Please excuse the poor photo but it was the best of the bunch.
Black Tern

Black Tern on Mud Lake

There is a road we travel every time we go North or East from our house (if we go to Brainerd, St Cloud, Little Falls etc.) so we have passed it numerous times in 23 months. Still just in the last 2 weeks we have seen Bobolinks, Dickcissels and a lone Savannah Sparrow. The Sparrow is easy to miss but the Bobolink is not and the Dickcissel sings loudly so if we had ever stepped out of the car I am sure we would have heard it.

Below is a picture of the Savannah Sparrow, it looks a lot like the Song but if you see it close up it is clearly different.

Savannah Sparrow 6/30/12

Savannah Sparrow 6/30/12

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  1. Shawnne says:

    It is really suddenly summer now. As Jerry mentioned, finding the Bobolink and Dicksissel have been phenomenal! We saw the Scarlet Tanager last evening by just driving around the dirt roads. Friday night we found the Black Terns nesting near a small lake; another surprise find! I am loving finding the birds but find myself looking forward already to Fall migration season. The deer flies are in season now and the heat was bad last week. I hope the rest of the summer brings us some rain and some relief from heat. More birds to come, I am hoping, soon!

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