Summer Slowdown

By , July 30, 2012 2:23 pm

Golden-winged Warbler 7/28/12

Golden-winged Warbler

It is just about the end of July. I’ve done the morning birds today and we’ve had 19 so far. Not a stellar beginning. The number of birds we see daily is decreasing. In June it was 36 per day, in July it has been 32 per day. In May it was almost 40 per day. During the Spring birds are off singing all day, with the end of breeding season the birds are singing far less frequently. We were hearing Yellow-throated Vireo screaming its head off every day, that has stopped. The House Wren is assuredly here but we aren’t hearing it every day.

Given the cost of gas we have just about stopped going to the state parks, since our days off are Friday and Saturday it makes no sense to try to see birds in crowded and noisy recreation areas. Since late June we have started to take drives in the evening to catch birds that should be here but whom we have rarely seen. We have managed to see the Boblink for the first time in years. We have seen our first Black Terns. We have seen the Dickcissel for the first time in MN (on a road we travel almost every time we leave home).

One never knows what to expect. A few weeks ago we saw a Scarlet Tanager on a road close to home. Just a few days ago we saw a Golden-winged Warbler across the street.

Black Tern 7/21/12

Black Tern

Bobolinks 7/25/12


Scarlet Tanager 7/7/12

Scarlet Tanager

Sandhill Crane 7/28/12

Sandhill Crane

bobolinks 7/28/12


One Response to “Summer Slowdown”

  1. Shawnne says:

    As Jerry said, we have been driving around our local area the past few weeks looking for birds. Things change weekly. Some “hot spots” are empty the following week. I am certainly looking forward to Fall migration. That’s when our Zonotrichia friends will return. I already miss the birds singing but I can’t stand the hot, humid weather we had earlier this month.

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