Baby Birds: Life is Fragile but Life Can Be Tenacious

By , August 23, 2012 1:18 pm
barn swallow chicks

barn swallow chicks 8/9/12

I took this photo not knowing that over the next 2 days 2 of the chicks pictured would be found dead on the ground below the nest. One of these birds would leave the nest but hang around on the ground for a few days until it gained enough strength to finally fledge.

Barn Swallow chick

Barn Swallow chick

Barns Swallow 8/14/12

Barn Swallow 8/14/12

On Friday evening we saw this bird on the ground by Shawnne’s flower/vegetable garden. Both of us tried to place it in a safer location but the bird would have none of it. We were sure it was going to die, but next morning it was on the ground very much alive. Its parents were feeding it and chasing off probable attackers. Lucky for us there are no cats and that Sierra is long past chasing anything. After the bird left our front steps it was in the bushes by the driveway for a day or two. After that it seems to have fledged successfully.

4 Responses to “Baby Birds: Life is Fragile but Life Can Be Tenacious”

  1. Shawnne says:

    The barn swallow babies were so cute. Three of five survived. This was the 2nd clutch the parents raised. I think the dry/hot weather contributed to the two babies who didn’t make it. Less rain means less insects, not enough for them to eat. A lot of the birds are coming to drink water out of the dog’s dish on the deck. I try to change the water twice a day. Yes we live on a lake but I think the smaller birds find it easy to drink from a dish. The weather continues to be very dry here. I am wondering how this is going to affect the Fall birding.

  2. BillA. says:

    Nice picture of those youngsters! It sucks to watch animals in nature suffer. Unfortunately sometimes there is nothing you can do. But at least a few of them made it!
    Bill A.

    • Jerry says:

      It is a bit depressing seeing dead chicks on the ground each morning. We do provide a relatively safe environment here (there are no local cats anymore). I try not to concentrate on how many of the birds we see die before the year is out.

    • Shawnne says:

      Hi Bill! We miss you! Give us a call sometime! Hope you are also able to do some birding!

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