Bird Summary January 2013

By , February 4, 2013 12:02 am
Pheasant 1/3/2013

Pheasant 1/3/2013

Data doesn’t lie. Sometimes it is reveals things our fallible memories miss. We have just finished with January and my own assumption is that we didn’t see many birds. In an absolute sense that is true, we certainly didn’t see as many birds as we would in a July. We only saw 17 different species, but 17 is the second highest species total in the years I have been counting them in MN. Below is a list of the birds we saw and on how many days we saw them.  What is fascinating is that we saw the Pileated on half the days of the month, yet my perception is that we barely saw them at all (and that is somewhat true, since Shawnne saw most of them.)

American Crow 29
American Goldfinch 12
Black-capped Chickadee 31
Blue Jay 29
Common Redpoll 31
Dark-eyed Junco 3
Downy Woodpecker 31
Hairy Woodpecker 26
Mourning Dove 8
Northern Cardinal 8
Northern Shrike 1
Pileated Woodpecker 15
Purple Finch 2
Red-bellied Woodpecker 31
Ring-necked Pheasant 28
White-breasted Nuthatch 31
Wild Turkey 1

We didn’t manage to get any spectacular photos in January but I have posted a few shots we took this January. Above is a male Ring-necked Pheasant below is a Pileated Woodpecker.

Pileated Woodpecker 1/2/2013

Pileated Woodpecker 1/2/2013

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