Birds that you don’t usually get at feeders

By , April 18, 2013 10:05 pm
Northern Flickers  4/18/13

Northern Flicker 4/18/13

This has been a very cold and snowy Spring. Today we had about 6″ of snow so far and that is very unusual for this time in April.  We still have a snow cover of over 10″. Just 2 weeks ago the ground was bare in many places. Birds like Robins and the Northern Flickers had started to showing up, so we naturally assumed the weather was going to improve. It did not.    In the last 8 days we have gotten 18″ of snow. Some of that has already melted, but tonight we have 7″ and more still coming.  

The Robin eats mostly works and grubs, the Flicker eats ants and beetles.  Naturally none of that food is available if the ground is snow covered. So we have seen both a Robin and a Flicker at our suet feeder.  In all my years birding, I have never seen them eating out of a feeder. But of these birds do eat seeds and fruit in the Winter, but I doubt they had expected to see snow on the ground after their trip North.

American Robin 4/18/13

American Robin 4/18/13

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