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rainbow 8/4/12

Rainbow 8/4/2012

We live in central Minnesota in a rented house on Lake Beauty, a small lake in Todd County.  We are about 8 miles East of Long Prairie, the nearest city.  We had lived in Randall, MN from 2004 until 2009 and in Memphis Tennessee from mid 2009 until August 2010.  It was so good to get back to Minnesota after that sojourn in Tennesee.   We chose a lake location because it meshes with our lifestyle.  We are both active birders and Shawnne enjoys fishing  (even if her work has limited her time on the lake).  We prefer a  rural lifestyle and this location provides it.

Our hobbies and spare time activities involve nature and science.  We had a weather station in Randall, MN and we have installed a new one when we moved back to the Long Prairie area in 2010.  Our weather observations are available on the web.

In Randall we would sit out every evening in the warmer months and watch the birds come to our feeders.  Living on a lake, we seem to have a wider variety than we did there especially during migration season.  We kept records of our birding before but since move back to MN last summer we have been much more dilligent. We will try to post our better bird photos as we take them.

Pine Grosbeak 12/2/2012

Pine Grosbeak 12/2/2012

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